Example Vector of AES Encryption

An example vector of AES-128 encryption is presented. Round keys and state values of all 11 rounds are included to help users to verify their AES implementation.

The FIPS publication, "Announcing the ADVANCED ENCRYPTION STANDARD (AES)" at http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/fips/fips197/fips-197.pdf also included some example vectors of AES encryption.

The example vector presented blow is for the AES-128 encryption. You can use it verify your implementations of AES encryption algorithm. All values are in hexadecimal format:

Plaintext:  00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff
Cipher key: 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f
Ciphertext: 69c4e0d86a7b0430d8cdb78070b4c55a

Encryption rounds, round keys and state values:

Round 0:
   state:      00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff <-- Plaintext
   round key:  000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f
   state:      00102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f0 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 1:       
   state:      63cab7040953d051cd60e0e7ba70e18c <-- SubBytes()
   state:      6353e08c0960e104cd70b751bacad0e7 <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      5f72641557f5bc92f7be3b291db9f91a <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  d6aa74fdd2af72fadaa678f1d6ab76fe
   state:      89d810e8855ace682d1843d8cb128fe4 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 2:       
   state:      a761ca9b97be8b45d8ad1a611fc97369 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      a7be1a6997ad739bd8c9ca451f618b61 <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      ff87968431d86a51645151fa773ad009 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  b692cf0b643dbdf1be9bc5006830b3fe
   state:      4915598f55e5d7a0daca94fa1f0a63f7 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 3:       
   state:      3b59cb73fcd90ee05774222dc067fb68 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      3bd92268fc74fb735767cbe0c0590e2d <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      4c9c1e66f771f0762c3f868e534df256 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  b6ff744ed2c2c9bf6c590cbf0469bf41
   state:      fa636a2825b339c940668a3157244d17 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 4:       
   state:      2dfb02343f6d12dd09337ec75b36e3f0 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      2d6d7ef03f33e334093602dd5bfb12c7 <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      6385b79ffc538df997be478e7547d691 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  47f7f7bc95353e03f96c32bcfd058dfd
   state:      247240236966b3fa6ed2753288425b6c <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 5:       
   state:      36400926f9336d2d9fb59d23c42c3950 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      36339d50f9b539269f2c092dc4406d23 <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      f4bcd45432e554d075f1d6c51dd03b3c <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  3caaa3e8a99f9deb50f3af57adf622aa
   state:      c81677bc9b7ac93b25027992b0261996 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 6:       
   state:      e847f56514dadde23f77b64fe7f7d490 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      e8dab6901477d4653ff7f5e2e747dd4f <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      9816ee7400f87f556b2c049c8e5ad036 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  5e390f7df7a69296a7553dc10aa31f6b
   state:      c62fe109f75eedc3cc79395d84f9cf5d <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 7:       
   state:      b415f8016858552e4bb6124c5f998a4c <-- SubBytes()
   state:      b458124c68b68a014b99f82e5f15554c <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      c57e1c159a9bd286f05f4be098c63439 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  14f9701ae35fe28c440adf4d4ea9c026
   state:      d1876c0f79c4300ab45594add66ff41f <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 8:       
   state:      3e175076b61c04678dfc2295f6a8bfc0 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      3e1c22c0b6fcbf768da85067f6170495 <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      baa03de7a1f9b56ed5512cba5f414d23 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  47438735a41c65b9e016baf4aebf7ad2
   state:      fde3bad205e5d0d73547964ef1fe37f1 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 9:       
   state:      5411f4b56bd9700e96a0902fa1bb9aa1 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      54d990a16ba09ab596bbf40ea111702f <-- ShiftRows()
   state:      e9f74eec023020f61bf2ccf2353c21c7 <-- MixColumns()
   round key:  549932d1f08557681093ed9cbe2c974e
   state:      bd6e7c3df2b5779e0b61216e8b10b689 <-- AddRoundKey()
Round 10:      
   state:      7a9f102789d5f50b2beffd9f3dca4ea7 <-- SubBytes()
   state:      7ad5fda789ef4e272bca100b3d9ff59f <-- ShiftRows()
   round key:  13111d7fe3944a17f307a78b4d2b30c5
   ciphertext: 69c4e0d86a7b0430d8cdb78070b4c55a <-- AddRoundKey()

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