What Is vi Text Editor

This section provides a quick introduction of 'vi' text editor, a display screen oriented editor, that allows files to be displayed on the screen and edited anywhere on the screen.

What Is "vi" (visual)? - "vi" is a display oriented interactive text editor. When using vi the screen of your terminal acts as a window into the file which you are editing. Changes which you make to the file are reflected in what you see.

"vi" was developed by Bill Joy in 1976 on a Lear-Siegler ADM3A terminal at University of California, Berkeley. The ADM3A terminal has no separate arrow keys on the keyboard. Arrows are located on h, j, k and l keys. This is why 'h', 'j', 'k', and 'l' are used as commands to move the cursor on the screen in vi.

"vi" was built upon the "Ex" editor, a line-oriented text editor that edits a text file one line at a time.

"vi" offers the following main features:

The picture below shows an ADM3A terminal keyboard, on which Bill Joy developed the 'vi' display screen text editor:

ADM3A Terminal Keyboard
ADM3A Terminal Keyboard

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What Is vi Text Editor

 'vi' Commands to Move Cursor and Search for Locations

 'vi' Commands to Insert and Change Text

 'vi' Miscellaneous Commands in 'ex' Line Mode

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