Command Interpreters and Command Pipelines

This section provides a quick introduction of UNIX command interpreters, shells, and command pipelines.

Unix supports command interpreters as separate programs called shells. Multiple shells can be supported on a single UNIX system. The following commands session shows 4 shells are supported on the system. User can switch shells at any time:

$ls /bin | grep sh

   (Listing all available shells

$set | grep -i shell

   (Looking at the current shell


   (Switching to Tcsh

%set | grep -i shell
shell   /bin/tcsh

   (Looking at the current shell


   Switching back to the first shell

Unix supports command pipelines so that multiple commands can be linked with data producer-consumer relations. The following commands session shows some examples of command pipelines:

%tar -cO * | compress > backup.tar.Z
   (Combining all files into an archive and compress it to a file

%who | pr -2 | lpr -Pxx
   (Printing all logged in users in 2 columns

%curl " (Unix)" | \
   sed 's/[^a-zA-Z ]/ /g' | \
   tr 'A-Z ' 'a-z\n' | \
   grep '[a-z]' | \
   sort -u | \
   comm -23 - /usr/dict/words

   (Spell-checking a Web page source code

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