This section provides a quick introduction of FORTRAN language, a general-purpose and procedural programming language.

What Is FORTRAN? - FORTRAN is a general-purpose and procedural programming language developed in 1957 a team IBM team led by John Backus. FORTRAN is the short name for "The IBM Mathematical Formula Translating System".

In 1957, IBM delivered the first FORTRAN compiler on IBM 704 mainframe computers. This first version of FORTRAN supported 32 statements.

In 1966, American Standards Association released the first industry standard specification of FORTRAN language: "ANSI X3.9-1966 - USA Standard FORTRAN". This version of FORTRAN is known as FORTRAN 66.

Later in 1978, ANSI published a major revision of FORTRAN 66: "ANSI X3.9-1978 - American National Standard - Programming Language FORTRAN". This version of FORTRAN is known as FORTRAN 77.

The next major revision of FORTRAN language was published in 1991 by ISO: "ISO/IEC 9593-1:1990 - Information processing systems - Computer graphics - Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS) language bindings - Part 1: FORTRAN". This version of FORTRAN is known as Fortran 90. The name was changed from FORTRAN to Fortran because of this version introduced lowercase keywords support.

In 2003, another major revision was published by ISO: "ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 N1578 - Information technology - Programming languages - Fortran", known as Fortran 2003

The picture below shows the cover page the IBM manual: "Programmer's Reference Manual - Fortran - Automatic Code System for the IBM 704" published in 1956 (Source: www.fh-jena.de):

The C Programming Language
The C Programming Language

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 Storing FORTRAN Program Code on Punch Cards

 FORTRAN 66 - Example Program Code

 FORTRAN 77 - Example Program Code

 g77 - GNU Project FORTRAN Compiler

 Fortran 90 - Example Program Code


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