"adb logcat" Command - Displaying System Logs

This section describes the 'adb logcat' command that can be used to print out Android system log data for debugging purpose.

When developing new Android applications, you have to learn some tools to help you to debug the code. The primary debugging tool provided in the Android SDK is the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program.

In previous tutorials, we learned how to use the following ADB commands:

ADB also has another very useful command that can be used to debug applications:

Let's starts the Android emulator and run the "adb logcat" command to see what we are getting:

C:\herong\>\local\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\adb logcat

W/Zygote  (   37): Preloaded drawable resource #0x108022c \
   (res/drawable-hdpi/dialog_top_holo_dark.9.png) that varies with \
D/dalvikvm(   37): GC_EXPLICIT freed 3K, 1% free 8601K/8643K, \
   paused 3ms+4ms
I/Zygote  (   37): ...preloaded 31 resources in 50ms.
D/dalvikvm(   37): GC_EXPLICIT freed 29K, 1% free 9028K/9091K, paused 3ms+4ms
I/dalvikvm(   37): System server process 77 has been created
I/Zygote  (   37): Accepting command socket connections
E/BatteryService(   77): usbOnlinePath not found
I/sysproc (   77): Entered system_init()
I/sysproc (   77): ServiceManager: 0x1e4ad0
D/SensorService(   77): nuSensorService starting...
I/SensorService(   77): Goldfish 3-axis Accelerometer
I/SystemServer(   77): Activity Manager
I/ActivityManager(   77): Memory class: 48
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): problem reading network stats
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): java.lang.IllegalStateException: \
   problem parsing idx 1
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): 	at com.android.internal.net. \
   NetworkStatsFactory.readNetworkStatsDetail \
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): 	at com.android.internal.net. \
   (NetworkStatsFactory.java:250) \
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: \
   /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/stats: open failed: ENOENT \
   (No such file or directory)
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): 	at libcore.io.IoBridge.open \
F/BatteryStatsImpl(   77): 	at java.io.FileInputStream.<init> \
E/AndroidRuntime(   77): Error reporting WTF
E/AndroidRuntime(   77): java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime(   77): 	at com.android.internal.os. \
E/AndroidRuntime(   77): 	at android.util.Log$1. \
E/AndroidRuntime(   77): 	at android.util.Log.wtf(Log.java:278)


Note that:

Actually, "logcat" is also available as shell command on the connected the device. You can run it directly in a shell interface window.

See the next tutorial on how to use "adb logcat" command options.

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