Android PDF Viewer APK File Contents

This section provides a tutorial example on how to download the APK file of the Android PDF Viewer project from The APK file contents can be viewed by the WinZIP tool.

To help understand the APK file format, let's download the APK file of the Android PDF Viewer project from

1. Go to the Android PDF Viewer project download page,

2. Click the "Download" button and save the downloaded APK file to C:\download\AndroidPdfViewer_1_0_1.apk.

3. Open the downloaded APK file with WinZIP. You can see all files and folders in the downloaded APK file:

AndroidManifest.xml 2,924 bytes
classes.dex 391,240 bytes
com <DIR>
   sun <DIR>
      pdfview <DIR>
         decode <DIR>
            CCITTCodes 4,152 bytes
         font <DIR>
            res <DIR>
      955 bytes
               d050000l.pfb 45,955 bytes
               n019003l.pfb 68,590 bytes
               n019004l.pfb 72,400 bytes
               n019023l.pfb 71,719 bytes
               n019024l.pfb 73,879 bytes
               n021003l.pfb 113,206 bytes
               n021004l.pfb 108,822 bytes
               n021023l.pfb 108,217 bytes
               n021024l.pfb 96,211 bytes
               n022003l.pfb 96,263 bytes
               n022004l.pfb 120,373 bytes
               n022023l.pfb 101,133 bytes
               n022024l.pfb 114,228 bytes
               s050000l.pfb 32,213 bytes
            ttf <DIR>
               resource <DIR>
                  glyphlist.txt 82,524 bytes
   CERT.RSA 844 bytes
   CERT.SF 2,791 bytes
   MANIFEST.MF 2,738 bytes
res <DIR>
   drawable <DIR>
      back01.png 1,566 bytes
      back02.png 1,342 bytes
      doc.png 1,552 bytes
      folder.png 942 bytes
      icon.png 3,022 bytes
      pdf.png 1,079 bytes
   layout <DIR>
      dialog_pagenumber.xml 1,388 bytes
      file_explorer.xml 976 bytes
      file_row.xml 948 bytes
      pdf_file_password.xml 1,712 bytes
      pdf_file_select.xml 3,336 bytes
      scroll_layout.xml 792 bytes
resources.arsc 3,112 bytes

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