Removing PWS Trojan Files

This section provides a tutorial example on how to remove malicious files left by the PWS Trojan infection with the help of McAfee On-Demand Scan function.

In order to validate if McAfee can detect or not those malicious files left in my system folder, I did a "On-Demand Scan". The following files were detected and deleted:

c:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Local Settings\Temporary 
   Internet Files\Content.IE5\YTBUII29
20[1].EXE       PWS-Mmorpg.gen(Trojan)
20[1].exe\20[1].exe\000060b0.EXE PWS-Mmorpg.gen(Trojan)

5102a80.sys     PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
9fd8db.sys      PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
abzpqaxboq.exe  Generic Downloader.x (Trojan)
conmie.exe      Generic.dx (Trojan)
hbasktao.dll (Trojan)
hbbo.dll (Trojan)
hbwow.dll (Trojan)
hbyy.dll (Trojan)
hbzhuxian.dll (Trojan)
pcxyqr.exe      PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
qcabyoprxy.exe  Generic.dx (Trojan)
sovhst.exe      Generic.dx (Trojan)
sovhst.exe\sovhst.exe\0000b200.EXE Generic.dx (Trojan)
System.exe      PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
xboqpxabzp.exe  PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
xboqpxabzp.exe\xboqpxabzp.exe\00008090.EXE PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)
xyoqrxabzp.exe  PWS-Mmorpg.gen (Trojan)

This tells me that:

After running the On-Demand Scan, I deleted all remaining malicious files manually system folders. I hoped that this PWS Trojan infection was fully removed now.

Last update: 2006.

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