SOAP Generic Message Structure

This section provides a description of the SOAP generic message structure and a sample message.

A SOAP message is an XML document with "Envelope" as the root element with the following structure:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">

where "Header" is an optional child element, and "Body" is a required child element.

A "Header" element may contain zero or more "Header Block" elements with the following structure:

  <hb0:headBlock0 xmlns:hb0="Uri0">
  <hbN:headBlockN xmlns:hbN="UriN">

A "Header Block" element must have a name space. It may contain text information and any number of child elements. It may also contain any number of attributes including SOAP predefined attributes. A "Header Block" has the following structure:

  <hb:headBlock xmlns:hb="Uri">
   <hb:child0 encodingStyle="..." role="..." mustUnderstand="..."
    relay="..." ...>
   <hb:childN encodingStyle="..." role="..." mustUnderstand="..."
    relay="..." ...>

"encodingStyle", "role", "mustUnderstand" and "relay" are SOAP predefined attributes. We will discuss them later.

A "Body" element has almost no restrictions. It may have text information, any number of attributes and any number of child elements, with the following structure:

 <env:Body ...>
  <bodyChild0 ...>
  </bodyChild0 ...>
  <bodyChildN ...>
  </bodyChildN ...>

To give an idea of how a SOAP message looks like, I have copied the example #1 from the SOAP 1.2 specification here:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
  <m:reservation xmlns:m=""
  <n:passenger xmlns:n=""
   <n:name>Herong Yang</n:name>
     <p:departing>New York</p:departing>
     <p:arriving>Los Angeles</p:arriving>
     <p:departureTime>late afternoon</p:departureTime>
     <p:departing>Los Angeles</p:departing>
     <p:arriving>New York</p:arriving>

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