SAAJ API 1.3 Classes and Interfaces Overview

This section provides an overview of classes and interfaces defined in SAAJ API 1.3 package, javax.xml.soap.

SAAJ (SOAP with Attachments API for Java) is a standard Java API to produce and consume messages conforming SOAP specifications.

The current version, SAAJ 1.3, supports the SOAP 1.1, and SOAP 1.2 specification and the SOAP Attachments Feature with a single Java package, javax.xml.soap.

The SAAJ 1.3 javax.xml.soap package contains 14 interfaces, 12 classes, and 1 exception:

   Detail: Containing for DetailEntry objects.
   DetailEntry: Representing of details for a SOAPFault object.
   Name: Representating an XML name.
   Node: Representating a node (element) in an XML document.
   SOAPBody: Representating contents of the SOAP body element.
   SOAPBodyElement: Representating contents in a SOAPBody object.
   SOAPConstants: Containing constants used for the SOAP protocol. 
   SOAPElement: Representating an element of a SOAP message.
   SOAPEnvelope: Containing SOAPHeader and SOAPBody objects.
   SOAPFault: Representating an error and/or status information.
   SOAPFaultElement: Representating contents in a SOAPFault object.
   SOAPHeader: Representatiing the SOAP header element. 
   SOAPHeaderElement: Representing the contents in the SOAP header.
   Text: Representating a node whose value is text.

   AttachmentPart: A single attachment to a SOAPMessage object.
   MessageFactory: A factory for creating SOAPMessage objects. 
   MimeHeader: An object that stores a MIME header name and value.
   MimeHeaders: A container for MimeHeader objects.
   SAAJMetaFactory: The access point for the implementation classes.
   SAAJResult: A holder for the results of a JAXP transformation 
      or a JAXB marshalling.
   SOAPConnection: A point-to-point connection that a client can use.
   SOAPConnectionFactory: A factory for creating SOAPConnection 
   SOAPElementFactory: A factory for creating SOAPElement objects.
   SOAPFactory: A factory for creating various SOAP objects.
   SOAPMessage: The root class for all SOAP messages.
   SOAPPart: The container for the SOAP-specific portion of a 
      SOAPMessage object.
   SOAPException - An exception signaling a SOAP exception.

With these interfaces and classes, you can:

Last update: 2009.

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SAAJ - SOAP with Attachments API for Java

SAAJ API 1.3 Classes and Interfaces Overview

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