Response Message Exchange Pattern

This section describes the SOAP Response Message Exchange Pattern, its properties and processing rules.

Response Message Exchange Pattern is a pattern where a SOAP node sends a request without any SOAP message to another node, and expects the other node sending back a SOAP message. The pattern name is: =

Response Message Exchange Pattern shares the same additional SOAP properties as the Request-Response Message Exchange Pattern: Outbound Message, Inbound Message, Destination Node, and Sender Node.

Response Message Exchange Pattern also shares most of the processing rules with the Request-Response Message Exchange Pattern. Bus since there is no requesting SOAP message, the "State" property will have different values as shown in the following process diagram:

   |- Initialization
"Requesting"        <------------>   "Init"
   |                                    |
   |- Requesting SOAP call              | - Initialization
   |                                    v
   |                <------------>   "Receiving"
   |                                    |
   |                                    | - Receiving SOAP call
   v                                    v
"Receiving"         <------------>   "Sending"
   |                                    |
   |- Receiving response msg            | - Sending response msg
   v                                    v
"Success"                            "Success"

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