List of Supported Character Encodings in Java

This section provides a list of supported character encodings supported in Java. The list is generated using the availableCharsets() static method in the java.nio.charset.Charset class.

Before looking at how to perform an character encoding, let's see how many encodings are supported in Java SE 7 using the availableCharsets() static method in the java.nio.charset.Charset class.

Here is my tutorial program to display all the supported character encodings in Java:

 - Copyright (c) 2012,, All Rights Reserved.
import java.nio.charset.*;
import java.util.*;
class Encodings {
   public static void main(String[] arg) {
      SortedMap m = Charset.availableCharsets();
      Set k = m.keySet();
      System.out.println("Canonical name, Display name,"
         +" Can encode, Aliases");
      Iterator i = k.iterator();
      while (i.hasNext()) {
         String n = (String);
         Charset e = (Charset) m.get(n);
         String d = e.displayName();
         boolean c = e.canEncode();
         System.out.print(n+", "+d+", "+c);
         Set s = e.aliases();
         Iterator j = s.iterator();
         while (j.hasNext()) {
            String a = (String);         
            System.out.print(", "+a);

Compile and run it with Java SE 7:


C:\herong>java Encodings
Canonical name, Display name, Can encode, Aliases
Big5, Big5, true, csBig5
Big5-HKSCS, Big5-HKSCS, true, Big5_HKSCS, big5-hkscs, big5hk, big5h...
EUC-JP, EUC-JP, true, eucjis, Extended_UNIX_Code_Packed_Format_for_...
EUC-KR, EUC-KR, true, 5601, ksc5601-1987, ksc5601_1987, euckr, ksc5...
GB18030, GB18030, true, gb18030-2000
GB2312, GB2312, true, euc-cn, x-EUC-CN, gb2312-1980, gb2312, gb2312...
GBK, GBK, true, CP936, windows-936
IBM-Thai, IBM-Thai, true, 838, cp838, ibm838, ibm-838
IBM00858, IBM00858, true, cp858, 858, ccsid00858, PC-Multilingual-8...
IBM01140, IBM01140, true, 1140, cp01140, ccsid01140, cp1140, ebcdic...
IBM01141, IBM01141, true, cp1141, 1141, cp01141, ccsid01141, ebcdic...
IBM01142, IBM01142, true, cp01142, cp1142, ebcdic-no-277+euro, 1142...
IBM01143, IBM01143, true, ebcdic-se-278+euro, 1143, cp01143, ccsid0...
IBM01144, IBM01144, true, cp01144, ebcdic-it-280+euro, 1144, ccsid0...
IBM01145, IBM01145, true, ebcdic-es-284+euro, cp1145, cp01145, 1145...
IBM01146, IBM01146, true, ccsid01146, cp01146, ebcdic-gb-285+euro, ...
IBM01147, IBM01147, true, ccsid01147, ebcdic-fr-277+euro, cp1147, 1...
IBM01148, IBM01148, true, cp1148, ebcdic-international-500+euro, 11...
IBM01149, IBM01149, true, ebcdic-s-871+euro, cp01149, cp1149, 1149,...
IBM037, IBM037, true, cs-ebcdic-cp-nl, 037, cp037, ebcdic-cp-nl, ib...
IBM1026, IBM1026, true, cp1026, ibm-1026, 1026, ibm1026
IBM1047, IBM1047, true, cp1047, 1047, ibm-1047
IBM273, IBM273, true, ibm-273, ibm273, cp273, 273
IBM277, IBM277, true, cp277, 277, ibm-277, ibm277
IBM278, IBM278, true, cp278, ebcdic-cp-se, 278, ibm278, ebcdic-sv, ...
IBM280, IBM280, true, 280, ibm-280, cp280, ibm280
IBM284, IBM284, true, cpibm284, csIBM284, ibm284, cp284, 284, ibm-2...
IBM285, IBM285, true, ibm285, ebcdic-cp-gb, cpibm285, cp285, csIBM2...
IBM297, IBM297, true, cp297, ibm297, 297, cpibm297, ebcdic-cp-fr, i...
IBM420, IBM420, true, ibm420, cp420, 420, ibm-420, csIBM420, ebcdic...
IBM424, IBM424, true, csIBM424, ibm-424, ibm424, cp424, ebcdic-cp-h...
IBM437, IBM437, true, ibm-437, windows-437, cspc8codepage437, 437, ...
IBM500, IBM500, true, ibm-500, ebcdic-cp-bh, cp500, csIBM500, ibm50...
IBM775, IBM775, true, ibm-775, cp775, ibm775, 775
IBM850, IBM850, true, ibm-850, cp850, 850, cspc850multilingual, ibm...
IBM852, IBM852, true, ibm852, csPCp852, 852, ibm-852, cp852
IBM855, IBM855, true, cspcp855, 855, ibm855, ibm-855, cp855
IBM857, IBM857, true, csIBM857, 857, ibm-857, cp857, ibm857
IBM860, IBM860, true, 860, cp860, ibm-860, csIBM860, ibm860
IBM861, IBM861, true, 861, cp-is, ibm-861, cp861, csIBM861, ibm861
IBM862, IBM862, true, ibm-862, ibm862, csIBM862, cp862, cspc862lati...
IBM863, IBM863, true, ibm863, csIBM863, cp863, 863, ibm-863
IBM864, IBM864, true, csIBM864, ibm864, 864, cp864, ibm-864
IBM865, IBM865, true, csIBM865, ibm865, 865, ibm-865, cp865
IBM866, IBM866, true, 866, ibm-866, ibm866, csIBM866, cp866
IBM868, IBM868, true, 868, ibm-868, cp868, csIBM868, cp-ar, ibm868
IBM869, IBM869, true, 869, ibm-869, cp869, csIBM869, cp-gr, ibm869
IBM870, IBM870, true, ibm-870, ebcdic-cp-roece, ebcdic-cp-yu, ibm87...
IBM871, IBM871, true, ibm-871, 871, ebcdic-cp-is, cp871, csIBM871, ...
IBM918, IBM918, true, cp918, ebcdic-cp-ar2, ibm-918, 918
ISO-2022-CN, ISO-2022-CN, false, ISO2022CN, csISO2022CN
ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-JP, true, jis_encoding, csjisencoding, jis, i...
ISO-2022-JP-2, ISO-2022-JP-2, true, csISO2022JP2, iso2022jp2
ISO-2022-KR, ISO-2022-KR, true, csISO2022KR, ISO2022KR
ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-1, true, csISOLatin1, IBM-819, iso-ir-100, 885...
ISO-8859-13, ISO-8859-13, true, 8859_13, iso8859_13, iso_8859-13, I...
ISO-8859-15, ISO-8859-15, true, IBM923, 8859_15, ISO_8859-15, ISO-8...
ISO-8859-2, ISO-8859-2, true, iso-ir-101, csISOLatin2, ibm-912, 885...
ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-3, true, ibm-913, csISOLatin3, iso-ir-109, l3,...
ISO-8859-4, ISO-8859-4, true, iso-ir-110, iso8859-4, ibm914, ibm-91...
ISO-8859-5, ISO-8859-5, true, cp915, ISO8859-5, ibm915, ISO_8859-5:...
ISO-8859-6, ISO-8859-6, true, arabic, ibm1089, iso8859_6, iso-ir-12...
ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-7, true, iso8859-7, sun_eu_greek, csISOLatinGr...
ISO-8859-8, ISO-8859-8, true, ibm916, cp916, csISOLatinHebrew, ISO_...
ISO-8859-9, ISO-8859-9, true, ISO_8859-9, 920, iso8859_9, csISOLati...
JIS_X0201, JIS_X0201, true, JIS0201, JIS_X0201, X0201, csHalfWidthK...
JIS_X0212-1990, JIS_X0212-1990, true, csISO159JISX02121990, x0212, ...
KOI8-R, KOI8-R, true, cskoi8r, koi8_r, koi8
KOI8-U, KOI8-U, true, koi8_u
Shift_JIS, Shift_JIS, true, x-sjis, shift_jis, sjis, ms_kanji, shif...
TIS-620, TIS-620, true, tis620.2533, tis620
US-ASCII, US-ASCII, true, cp367, ascii7, ISO646-US, 646, csASCII, u...
UTF-16, UTF-16, true, utf16, UTF_16, UnicodeBig, unicode
UTF-16BE, UTF-16BE, true, X-UTF-16BE, UTF_16BE, ISO-10646-UCS-2, Un...
UTF-16LE, UTF-16LE, true, UnicodeLittleUnmarked, UTF_16LE, X-UTF-16...
UTF-32, UTF-32, true, UTF_32, UTF32
UTF-32BE, UTF-32BE, true, X-UTF-32BE, UTF_32BE
UTF-32LE, UTF-32LE, true, X-UTF-32LE, UTF_32LE
UTF-8, UTF-8, true, UTF8, unicode-1-1-utf-8
windows-1250, windows-1250, true, cp1250, cp5346
windows-1251, windows-1251, true, ansi-1251, cp5347, cp1251
windows-1252, windows-1252, true, cp1252, cp5348
windows-1253, windows-1253, true, cp1253, cp5349
windows-1254, windows-1254, true, cp1254, cp5350
windows-1255, windows-1255, true, cp1255
windows-1256, windows-1256, true, cp1256
windows-1257, windows-1257, true, cp1257, cp5353
windows-1258, windows-1258, true, cp1258
windows-31j, windows-31j, true, csWindows31J, windows-932, MS932
x-Big5-HKSCS-2001, x-Big5-HKSCS-2001, true, big5-hkscs:unicode3.0, ...
x-Big5-Solaris, x-Big5-Solaris, true, Big5_Solaris
x-euc-jp-linux, x-euc-jp-linux, true, euc-jp-linux, euc_jp_linux
x-EUC-TW, x-EUC-TW, true, euc_tw, EUC-TW, cns11643, euctw
x-eucJP-Open, x-eucJP-Open, true, EUC_JP_Solaris, eucJP-open
x-IBM1006, x-IBM1006, true, cp1006, ibm-1006, ibm1006, 1006
x-IBM1025, x-IBM1025, true, cp1025, ibm-1025, 1025, ibm1025
x-IBM1046, x-IBM1046, true, ibm-1046, cp1046, ibm1046, 1046
x-IBM1097, x-IBM1097, true, cp1097, 1097, ibm-1097, ibm1097
x-IBM1098, x-IBM1098, true, ibm-1098, cp1098, ibm1098, 1098
x-IBM1112, x-IBM1112, true, ibm-1112, 1112, ibm1112, cp1112
x-IBM1122, x-IBM1122, true, cp1122, ibm-1122, 1122, ibm1122
x-IBM1123, x-IBM1123, true, cp1123, ibm-1123, 1123, ibm1123
x-IBM1124, x-IBM1124, true, cp1124, ibm-1124, 1124, ibm1124
x-IBM1364, x-IBM1364, true, cp1364, 1364, ibm1364, ibm-1364
x-IBM1381, x-IBM1381, true, ibm1381, cp1381, ibm-1381, 1381
x-IBM1383, x-IBM1383, true, cp1383, 1383, ibm1383, ibm-1383
x-IBM33722, x-IBM33722, true, ibm33722, 33722, ibm-33722_vascii_vpu...
x-IBM737, x-IBM737, true, cp737, ibm-737, 737, ibm737
x-IBM833, x-IBM833, true, ibm-833, ibm833, cp833
x-IBM834, x-IBM834, true, ibm834, ibm-834, 834, cp834
x-IBM856, x-IBM856, true, 856, cp856, ibm-856, ibm856
x-IBM874, x-IBM874, true, cp874, ibm874, 874, ibm-874
x-IBM875, x-IBM875, true, ibm875, 875, cp875, ibm-875
x-IBM921, x-IBM921, true, cp921, ibm921, ibm-921, 921
x-IBM922, x-IBM922, true, ibm922, ibm-922, cp922, 922
x-IBM930, x-IBM930, true, cp930, ibm930, ibm-930, 930
x-IBM933, x-IBM933, true, cp933, 933, ibm933, ibm-933
x-IBM935, x-IBM935, true, ibm935, cp935, 935, ibm-935
x-IBM937, x-IBM937, true, ibm-937, cp937, 937, ibm937
x-IBM939, x-IBM939, true, ibm-939, ibm939, cp939, 939
x-IBM942, x-IBM942, true, ibm-942, ibm942, cp942, 942
x-IBM942C, x-IBM942C, true, 942C, ibm942C, cp942C, ibm-942C
x-IBM943, x-IBM943, true, 943, ibm-943, cp943, ibm943
x-IBM943C, x-IBM943C, true, ibm-943C, 943C, cp943C, ibm943C
x-IBM948, x-IBM948, true, ibm948, ibm-948, cp948, 948
x-IBM949, x-IBM949, true, ibm949, ibm-949, 949, cp949
x-IBM949C, x-IBM949C, true, cp949C, 949C, ibm-949C, ibm949C
x-IBM950, x-IBM950, true, 950, ibm950, cp950, ibm-950
x-IBM964, x-IBM964, true, 964, cp964, ibm-964, ibm964
x-IBM970, x-IBM970, true, 970, ibm-970, ibm970, cp970, ibm-eucKR
x-ISCII91, x-ISCII91, true, iso-ir-153, ST_SEV_358-88, ISCII91, isc...
x-ISO-2022-CN-CNS, x-ISO-2022-CN-CNS, true, ISO-2022-CN-CNS, ISO202...
x-ISO-2022-CN-GB, x-ISO-2022-CN-GB, true, ISO-2022-CN-GB, ISO2022CN...
x-iso-8859-11, x-iso-8859-11, true, iso-8859-11, iso8859_11
x-JIS0208, x-JIS0208, true, JIS_X0208-1983, x0208, JIS0208, JIS_C62...
x-JISAutoDetect, x-JISAutoDetect, false, JISAutoDetect
x-Johab, x-Johab, true, ksc5601_1992, ms1361, ksc5601-1992, johab
x-MacArabic, x-MacArabic, true, MacArabic
x-MacCentralEurope, x-MacCentralEurope, true, MacCentralEurope
x-MacCroatian, x-MacCroatian, true, MacCroatian
x-MacCyrillic, x-MacCyrillic, true, MacCyrillic
x-MacDingbat, x-MacDingbat, true, MacDingbat
x-MacGreek, x-MacGreek, true, MacGreek
x-MacHebrew, x-MacHebrew, true, MacHebrew
x-MacIceland, x-MacIceland, true, MacIceland
x-MacRoman, x-MacRoman, true, MacRoman
x-MacRomania, x-MacRomania, true, MacRomania
x-MacSymbol, x-MacSymbol, true, MacSymbol
x-MacThai, x-MacThai, true, MacThai
x-MacTurkish, x-MacTurkish, true, MacTurkish
x-MacUkraine, x-MacUkraine, true, MacUkraine
x-MS932_0213, x-MS932_0213, true
x-MS950-HKSCS, x-MS950-HKSCS, true, MS950_HKSCS
x-MS950-HKSCS-XP, x-MS950-HKSCS-XP, true, MS950_HKSCS_XP
x-mswin-936, x-mswin-936, true, ms936, ms_936
x-PCK, x-PCK, true, pck
x-SJIS_0213, x-SJIS_0213, true
x-UTF-16LE-BOM, x-UTF-16LE-BOM, true, UnicodeLittle
x-windows-50220, x-windows-50220, true, cp50220, ms50220
x-windows-50221, x-windows-50221, true, ms50221, cp50221
x-windows-874, x-windows-874, true, ms-874, ms874, windows-874
x-windows-949, x-windows-949, true, windows-949, ms_949, windows949...
x-windows-950, x-windows-950, true, ms950, windows-950
x-windows-iso2022jp, x-windows-iso2022jp, true, windows-iso2022jp

The output is very impressive. Java SE 7 supports a total of 166 character encodings!

Last update: 2012.

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