Archived: php_mysql.dll - Configuring PHP to Use MySQL Extension

This section describes how to configure PHP load MySQL extension, php_mysql.dll, to use MySQL functions.

If you want to access MySQL database servers from PHP scripts, you need to use MySQL functions provided by the MySQL Extension, php_mysql.dll. This tutorial shows you how to load and configure php_mbstring.dll.

1. Check the PHP configuration file, \local\php\php.ini. If not exist, make a copy from \local\php\php.ini-dist, or \local\php\php.ini-production:

C:\herong> copy \local\php\php.ini-dist \local\php\php.ini

C:\herong> rem or:
C:\herong> copy \local\php\php.ini-dist \local\php\php.ini-production

2. Open \local\php\php.ini in a text editor, like notepad.

3. Change the setting to allow PHP to load php_mysql.dll from the \local\php\ext directory:

;extension_dir = "./"
extension_dir = "./ext"

The following settings in php.ini file are used by MySQL extension. You can take the default values:

mysql.allow_persistent = On
mysql.max_persistent = -1
mysql.max_links = -1
mysql.default_port =
mysql.default_socket =
mysql.default_host =
mysql.default_user =
mysql.default_password =
mysql.connect_timeout = 60
mysql.trace_mode = Off

Last update: 2015.

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