- Lambda Expression Example

This section provides a tutorial example on using an lambda expression to define a class anonymously implementing a single abstract method interface. An anonymous class and a local class are used as comparisons.

My first lambda expression program,, follows an example given in a Oracle Java tutorial. Here is the source code:

 - Copyright (c) 2014,, All Rights Reserved.
class LambdaCalculator {
   interface Operation {
      int operate(int a, int b);   
   public int calculate(int a, int b, Operation o) {
      return o.operate(a, b);

   public static void main(String[] arg) {
      int x = 1;
      String s = "+";
      int y = 2;
      if (arg.length>0) x = Integer.parseInt(arg[0]);
      if (arg.length>1) s = arg[1];
      if (arg.length>2) y = Integer.parseInt(arg[2]);

      // Using a lambda expression
      Operation add = (int a, int b) -> {return a+b;};
      // Using anonymous class
      Operation subtract = new Operation() { 
      	 public int operate(int a, int b) {return a-b;} 
      // Using a local class
      class Multiply implements Operation {
      	 public int operate(int a, int b) {return a*b;} 
      Operation multiply = new Multiply();

      LambdaCalculator c = new LambdaCalculator();
      if (s.equals("+")) 
         System.out.println(x+s+y+" = "+c.calculate(x,y,add));
      else if (s.equals("-")) 
         System.out.println(x+s+y+" = "+c.calculate(x,y,subtract));
      else if (s.equals("*")) 
         System.out.println(x+s+y+" = "+c.calculate(x,y,multiply));
         System.out.println(x+s+y+" = Undefined");

Note that my sample program uses an lambda expression, an anonymous class and a local class to implement the same interface:

Now compile and run with JDK 1.8, you will get:

C:\herong>java LambdaCalculator
1+2 = 3

C:\herong>java LambdaCalculator 8 + 2
8+2 = 10

C:\herong>java LambdaCalculator 8 - 2
8-2 = 6

C:\herong>java LambdaCalculator 8 "*" 2
8*2 = 16

Here is what I learned from the output:

If we look at class files generated by the compiler, we will see only 4 of them. Any there is no class file for the "LambdaCalculator$$Lambda$1/518248" class defined by the lambda expression.

C:\herong>dir LambdaCalculator*.*

2,076 LambdaCalculator.class           - Main application class 
  214 LambdaCalculator$Operation.class - Nested interface "Operation"
  440 LambdaCalculator$1.class         - Anonymous class for "subtract
  459 LambdaCalculator$1Multiply.class - Local class "Multiply"

Last update: 2014.

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