Parallel Collector GC Log Message Format

This section describes the GC log message format of HotSpot JVM Parallel Collector.

Before doing any testing with the Parallel Collector, let's look at log messages generated by the Parallel Collector first:

herong> java -Xms40m -Xmx80m -XX:+UseParallelGC \
   -Xlog:gc=info,gc+heap=info GarbageCollection

[0.013s][info][gc] Using Parallel
   -- This message indicates that Parallel Collector was used

[0.359s][info][gc,heap] GC(0) PSYoungGen: 10240K->1504K(11776K)
[0.359s][info][gc,heap] GC(0) ParOldGen: 0K->1843K(27648K)
[0.359s][info][gc     ] GC(0) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
                              10M->3M(38M) 5.280ms
   -- A Young (Minor) GC occurred
      PSYoungGen stands for Parallel Scavenge Young Generation
      ParOldGen stands for Parallel Old Generation

1   40370176   28669696   11700480
2   40370176   27052752   13317424

[0.515s][info][gc,heap] GC(1) PSYoungGen: 11674K->1504K(22016K)
[0.515s][info][gc,heap] GC(1) ParOldGen: 1843K->5817K(27648K)
[0.515s][info][gc     ] GC(1) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
                              13M->7M(48M) 5.666ms
   -- Another Young (Minor) GC occurred

3   50855936   42620520   8235416
21   50855936   22985224   27870712
[0.527s][info][gc,heap] GC(2) PSYoungGen: 21908K->1504K(22016K)
[0.527s][info][gc,heap] GC(2) ParOldGen: 5565K->25951K(27648K)
[0.527s][info][gc     ] GC(2) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
                              26M->26M(48M) 16.139ms
   -- Another Young (Minor) GC occurred

[0.546s][info][gc,heap] GC(3) PSYoungGen: 1504K->0K(25600K)
[0.546s][info][gc,heap] GC(3) ParOldGen: 25951K->25256K(54784K)
[0.546s][info][gc     ] GC(3) Pause Full (Ergonomics)
                              26M->24M(78M) 19.756ms
   -- Followed by a Full (Major) GC


As you can see, the Parallel Collector log message format is identical to the Serial Collector, except that different GC algorithms are used:

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Parallel Collector GC Log Message Format

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 "--Xlog:gc+task+time=debug" - Print GC Threads

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 Concurrent Mark-Sweep (CMS) Collector - "+XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC"

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