- Thread Testing Program

This section describes a thread testing programs,, that keep adding new thread in a while loop.

To find out the maximum number of threads we can run, I wrote the following program:

 * Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.
import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
class CrashThread2 extends Thread {
   public static void main(String[] arg) {
      Thread t;
      int m = 32;
      if (arg.length>0) m = Integer.parseInt(arg[0]);
      Date now;
      DateFormat df = DateFormat.getTimeInstance();
      Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
      System.out.println("Time   Threads   T.Memory   F.Memory");
      for (int n=1; n<=m; n++) {
         now = new Date();
         t = new CrashThread2();
         long tm = rt.totalMemory()/1024;
         long fm = rt.freeMemory()/1024;
         System.out.println(df.format(now)+"   "+n+"   "+tm+"   "+fm);
   public void run() {
      while (true);

The program is a simple thread with infinite while loop in the run() method. The main() method is included in the thread to avoid writing another class to launch the thread repeatedly.

Test results on different JVMs are discussed in following sections.

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