JVM Runtime Data Areas

This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on JVM runtime data areas. Topics include introduction of JVM runtime data areas: Method Area, Heap, Direct Memory, PC Registers, JVM Stacks, and Native Method Stacks; different between thread-shared and per-thread data areas; demonstration programs for different types of OutOfMemoryError exceptions; demonstration program for StackOverflowError exception.

What Are Runtime Data Areas?

Method Area Expansion Demonstration

OutOfMemoryError on the Method Area

Method Area Growth with Dynamically Generated Classes

Garbage Collection Issue with Dynamically Generated Classes

Interned Strings Stored in Heap

Heap Expansion Demonstration

Direct Memory Expansion Demonstration

allocateMemory() Method on Direct Memory

JVM Stack Expansion Demonstration

PC Register and Native Method Stack


Table of Contents

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JVM Runtime Data Areas

 Memory Management and Garbage Collectors

 Garbage Collection Tests

 JVM Stack, Frame and Stack Overflow

 Thread Testing Program and Result

 CPU Impact of Multi-Thread Applications

 I/O Impact of Multi-Thread Applications

 CDS (Class Data Sharing)

 Micro Benchmark Runner and JVM Options

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "int" Operations

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "long" Operations

 Micro Benchmark Tests in JIT Compilation Mode

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "float" and "double" Operations

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