Outdated Tutorials

This chapter contains some outdated tutorial notes and example codes from previous versions of this book.

Outdated: Download and Install Java SE 1.6 Update 2

Outdated: Installing JRockit JVM 8.0

Outdated: Testing with LongWhile.java

Outdated: Testing with LongSleep.java

Outdated: GCTest.java - Garbage Collection Test Program

Outdated: GC Test - Constant Memory Requirement

Outdated: GC Test - Periodical Memory Requirement

Outdated: GC Test - Releasing Old vs. New Objects

Outdated: GC Test - JDK 1.4.0 vs. JDK 1.3.1

Outdated: GC Test - Client vs. Server

Outdated: StringBuffer Testing Program

Outdated: Installing JRockit JVM 7.0

Outdated: Running JRockit JVM with Management Console

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Specification

 Java HotSpot VM - JVM by Oracle/Sun

 java.lang.Runtime Class - The JVM Instance

 java.lang.System Class - The Operating System

 ClassLoader Class - Class Loaders

 Class Class - Class Reflections

 JVM Runtime Data Areas

 JVM Stack, Frame and Stack Overflow

 Thread Testing Program and Result

 CPU Impact of Multi-Thread Applications

 I/O Impact of Multi-Thread Applications

 CDS (Class Data Sharing)

 Micro Benchmark Runner and JVM Options

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "int" Operations

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "long" Operations

 Micro Benchmark Tests in JIT Compilation Mode

 Micro Benchmark Tests on "float" and "double" Operations

 JRockit JVM 28.2.7 by Oracle Corporation

Outdated Tutorials


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