Creating JavaBean Classes in Named Packages

This section describes the compilation error on a JSP page that uses a JavaBean without the 'page import' directive element to import the JavaBean class declared without package name.

Based on what we have learned from the previous sections, JavaBean classes must be declared in named packages so that they can be used in JSP pages.

Creating JavaBean classes in named packages is very simple, just add a package declaration statement at the beginning of the class. The following example shows you a JavaBean class defined in a package named called "herong":

 * Copyright (c) 2002 All Rights Reserved.
package herong;
public class TempratureConvertorBean {
  private double celsius = 0.0;
  private double fahrenheit = 32.0;
  public double getCelsius() {
    return celsius;
  public void setCelsius(double c) {
    celsius = c;
    fahrenheit = 1.8*c + 32.0;
  public double getFahrenheit() {
    return fahrenheit;
  public void setFahrenheit(double f) {
    fahrenheit = f;
    celsius = (f-32.0)/1.8;
  public String getInfo() {
    return new String("My TempraturConvertorBean - Version 1.00");

Compile this source code, and copy the class file to the Tomcat class path. Remember to store the class file under a sub directory named as "herong".

herong> javac herong\

herong> xcopy herong \local\tomcat\webapps\root\WEB-INF\classes
        1 file(s) copied.

Now we are ready to test this JavaBean with a JSP page, TempratureConvertor.jspx:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.3">
<!-- TempratureConvertor.jspx
 - Copyright (c) 2006 All Rights Reserved.
< contentType="text/html"/>
<jsp:useBean id="b" class="herong.TempratureConvertorBean"/>
Setting property "fahrenheit" to 70.0.<br/>
<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="fahrenheit" value="70.0"/>
Getting property "celsius" back:
<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="celsius"/>

Open this JSP page with IE, you will get:

My TempraturConvertorBean - Version 1.00
Setting property "fahrenheit" to 70.0.
Getting property "celsius" back: 21.11111111111111

It works! Note that there is no need to use the import statement, if you use the fully qualified class name in the jsp:useBean action element.

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