Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 3.05

Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map

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Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB   

593C DEC5    5941 DEC6    5942 DBBC ۼ   5944 D1D9    5947 C6E6 
5948 C4CE    5949 B7EE    594B B7DC    594E BFFC    594F D7E0 
5951 C6F5    5954 B1BC    5955 DEC8    5956 BDB1    5957 CCD7 
5958 DECA    595A DEC9    5960 B5EC    5962 C9DD    5965 B0C2 
5973 C5AE Ů   5974 C5AB ū   5976 C4CC    5978 BCE9    5979 CBFD 
597D BAC3    5981 E5F9    5982 C8E7    5983 E5FA    5984 CDFD 
5986 D7B1 ױ   5987 B8BE    5988 C2E8    598A C8D1    598D E5FB 
5992 B6CA    5993 BCCB    5996 D1FD    5997 E6A1    5999 C3EE 
599E E6A4    59A3 E5FE    59A4 E6A5    59A5 CDD7    59A8 B7C1 
59A9 E5FC    59AA E5FD    59AB E6A3    59AE C4DD    59AF E6A8 
59B2 E6A7    59B9 C3C3    59BB C6DE    59BE E6AA    59C6 C4B7 ķ
59CA E6A2    59CB CABC ʼ   59D0 BDE3    59D1 B9C3    59D2 E6A6 
59D3 D0D5    59D4 CEAF ί   59D7 E6A9    59D8 E6B0    59DA D2A6 Ҧ
59DC BDAA    59DD E6AD    59E3 E6AF    59E5 C0D1    59E8 D2CC 
59EC BCA7    59F9 E6B1    59FB D2F6    59FF D7CB    5A01 CDFE 
5A03 CDDE    5A04 C2A6 ¦   5A05 E6AB    5A06 E6AC    5A07 BDBF 
5A08 E6AE    5A09 E6B3    5A0C E6B2    5A11 E6B6    5A13 E6B8 
5A18 C4EF    5A1C C4C8    5A1F BEEA    5A20 C9EF    5A23 E6B7 
5A25 B6F0    5A29 C3E4    5A31 D3E9    5A32 E6B4    5A34 E6B5 
5A36 C8A2 Ȣ   5A3C E6BD    5A40 E6B9    5A46 C6C5    5A49 CDF1 
5A4A E6BB    5A55 E6BC    5A5A BBE9    5A62 E6BE    5A67 E6BA 
5A6A C0B7    5A74 D3A4 Ӥ   5A75 E6BF    5A76 C9F4    5A77 E6C3 
5A7A E6C4    5A7F D0F6    5A92 C3BD ý   5A9A C3C4    5A9B E6C2 
5AAA E6C1    5AB2 E6C7    5AB3 CFB1 ϱ   5AB5 EBF4    5AB8 E6CA 
5ABE E6C5    5AC1 BCDE    5AC2 C9A9 ɩ   5AC9 BCB5    5ACC CFD3 
5AD2 E6C8    5AD4 E6C9    5AD6 E6CE    5AD8 E6D0    5ADC E6D1 
5AE0 E6CB    5AE1 B5D5    5AE3 E6CC    5AE6 E6CF    5AE9 C4DB 
5AEB E6C6    5AF1 E6CD    5B09 E6D2    5B16 E6D4    5B17 E6D3 
5B32 E6D5    5B34 D9F8    5B37 E6D6    5B40 E6D7    5B50 D7D3 
5B51 E6DD    5B53 E6DE    5B54 BFD7    5B55 D4D0    5B57 D7D6 
5B58 B4E6    5B59 CBEF    5B5A E6DA    5B5B D8C3    5B5C D7CE 
5B5D D0A2 Т   5B5F C3CF    5B62 E6DF    5B63 BCBE    5B64 B9C2 
5B65 E6DB    5B66 D1A7 ѧ   5B69 BAA2    5B6A C2CF    5B6C D8AB ث
5B70 CAEB    5B71 E5EE    5B73 E6DC    5B75 B7F5    5B7A C8E6 
5B7D C4F5    5B80 E5B2    5B81 C4FE    5B83 CBFC    5B84 E5B3 
5B85 D5AC լ   5B87 D3EE    5B88 CAD8    5B89 B0B2    5B8B CBCE 
5B8C CDEA    5B8F BAEA    5B93 E5B5    5B95 E5B4    5B97 D7DA 
5B98 B9D9    5B99 D6E6    5B9A B6A8    5B9B CDF0    5B9C D2CB 
5B9D B1A6    5B9E CAB5 ʵ   5BA0 B3E8    5BA1 C9F3    5BA2 BFCD 
5BA3 D0FB    5BA4 CAD2    5BA5 E5B6    5BA6 BBC2    5BAA CFDC 
5BAB B9AC    5BB0 D4D7    5BB3 BAA6    5BB4 D1E7    5BB5 CFFC 
5BB6 BCD2    5BB8 E5B7    5BB9 C8DD    5BBD BFED    5BBE B1F6 
5BBF CBDE    5BC2 BCC5    5BC4 BCC4    5BC5 D2FA    5BC6 C3DC 
5BC7 BFDC    5BCC B8BB    5BD0 C3C2    5BD2 BAAE    5BD3 D4A2 Ԣ
5BDD C7DE    5BDE C4AF į   5BDF B2EC    5BE1 B9D1    5BE4 E5BB 
5BE5 C1C8    5BE8 D5AF կ   5BEE E5BC    5BF0 E5BE    5BF8 B4E7 
5BF9 B6D4    5BFA CBC2    5BFB D1B0 Ѱ   5BFC B5BC    5BFF CAD9 
5C01 B7E2    5C04 C9E4    5C06 BDAB    5C09 CEBE ξ   5C0A D7F0 
5C0F D0A1 С   5C11 C9D9    5C14 B6FB    5C15 E6D8    5C16 BCE2 
5C18 B3BE    5C1A C9D0    5C1C E6D9    5C1D B3A2    5C22 DECC 

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Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2007
Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set - Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map