Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 3.05

Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map

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Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB   

797A ECF7    7980 D9F7    7981 BDFB    7984 C2BB »   7985 ECF8 
798A ECF9    798F B8A3    799A ECFA    79A7 ECFB    79B3 ECFC 
79B9 D3ED    79BA D8AE خ   79BB C0EB    79BD C7DD    79BE BACC 
79C0 D0E3    79C1 CBBD ˽   79C3 CDBA ͺ   79C6 B8D1    79C9 B1FC 
79CB C7EF    79CD D6D6    79D1 BFC6    79D2 C3EB    79D5 EFF5 
79D8 C3D8    79DF D7E2    79E3 EFF7    79E4 B3D3    79E6 C7D8 
79E7 D1ED    79E9 D6C8    79EB EFF8    79ED EFF6    79EF BBFD 
79F0 B3C6    79F8 BDD5    79FB D2C6    79FD BBE0    7A00 CFA1 ϡ
7A02 EFFC    7A03 EFFB    7A06 EFF9    7A0B B3CC    7A0D C9D4 
7A0E CBB0 ˰   7A14 EFFE    7A17 B0DE    7A1A D6C9    7A1E EFFD 
7A20 B3ED    7A23 F6D5    7A33 CEC8    7A37 F0A2    7A39 F0A1 
7A3B B5BE    7A3C BCDA    7A3D BBFC    7A3F B8E5    7A46 C4C2 
7A51 F0A3    7A57 CBEB    7A70 F0A6    7A74 D1A8 Ѩ   7A76 BEBF 
7A77 C7EE    7A78 F1B6    7A79 F1B7    7A7A BFD5    7A7F B4A9 
7A80 F1B8    7A81 CDBB ͻ   7A83 C7D4    7A84 D5AD խ   7A86 F1B9 
7A88 F1BA    7A8D C7CF    7A91 D2A4 Ҥ   7A92 D6CF    7A95 F1BB 
7A96 BDD1    7A97 B4B0    7A98 BEBD    7A9C B4DC    7A9D CED1 
7A9F BFDF    7AA0 F1BD    7AA5 BFFA    7AA6 F1BC    7AA8 F1BF 
7AAC F1BE    7AAD F1C0    7AB3 F1C1    7ABF C1FE    7ACB C1A2 
7AD6 CAFA    7AD9 D5BE վ   7ADE BEBA    7ADF BEB9    7AE0 D5C2 
7AE3 BFA2    7AE5 CDAF ͯ   7AE6 F1B5    7AED BDDF    7AEF B6CB 
7AF9 D6F1    7AFA F3C3    7AFD F3C4    7AFF B8CD    7B03 F3C6 
7B04 F3C7    7B06 B0CA    7B08 F3C5    7B0A F3C9    7B0B CBF1 
7B0F F3CB    7B11 D0A6 Ц   7B14 B1CA    7B15 F3C8    7B19 F3CF 
7B1B B5D1    7B1E F3D7    7B20 F3D2    7B24 F3D4    7B25 F3D3 
7B26 B7FB    7B28 B1BF    7B2A F3CE    7B2B F3CA    7B2C B5DA 
7B2E F3D0    7B31 F3D1    7B33 F3D5    7B38 F3CD    7B3A BCE3 
7B3C C1FD    7B3E F3D6    7B45 F3DA    7B47 F3CC    7B49 B5C8 
7B4B BDEE    7B4C F3DC    7B4F B7A4    7B50 BFF0    7B51 D6FE 
7B52 CDB2 Ͳ   7B54 B4F0    7B56 B2DF    7B58 F3D8    7B5A F3D9 
7B5B C9B8 ɸ   7B5D F3DD    7B60 F3DE    7B62 F3E1    7B6E F3DF 
7B71 F3E3    7B72 F3E2    7B75 F3DB    7B77 BFEA    7B79 B3EF 
7B7B F3E0    7B7E C7A9 ǩ   7B80 BCF2    7B85 F3EB    7B8D B9BF 
7B90 F3E4    7B94 B2AD    7B95 BBFE    7B97 CBE3    7B9C F3ED 
7B9D F3E9    7BA1 B9DC    7BA2 F3EE    7BA6 F3E5    7BA7 F3E6 
7BA8 F3EA    7BA9 C2E1    7BAA F3EC    7BAB F3EF    7BAC F3E8 
7BAD BCFD    7BB1 CFE4    7BB4 F3F0    7BB8 F3E7    7BC1 F3F2 
7BC6 D7AD ׭   7BC7 C6AA ƪ   7BCC F3F3    7BD1 F3F1    7BD3 C2A8 ¨
7BD9 B8DD    7BDA F3F5    7BDD F3F4    7BE1 B4DB    7BE5 F3F6 
7BE6 F3F7    7BEA F3F8    7BEE C0BA    7BF1 C0E9    7BF7 C5F1 
7BFC F3FB    7BFE F3FA    7C07 B4D8    7C0B F3FE    7C0C F3F9 
7C0F F3FC    7C16 F3FD    7C1F F4A1    7C26 F4A3    7C27 BBC9 
7C2A F4A2    7C38 F4A4    7C3F B2BE    7C40 F4A6    7C41 F4A5 
7C4D BCAE    7C73 C3D7    7C74 D9E1    7C7B C0E0    7C7C F4CC 
7C7D D7D1    7C89 B7DB    7C91 F4CE    7C92 C1A3    7C95 C6C9 
7C97 B4D6    7C98 D5B3 ճ   7C9C F4D0    7C9D F4CF    7C9E F4D1 
7C9F CBDA    7CA2 F4D2    7CA4 D4C1    7CA5 D6E0    7CAA B7E0 
7CAE C1B8    7CB1 C1BB    7CB2 F4D3    7CB3 BEAC    7CB9 B4E2 
7CBC F4D4    7CBD F4D5    7CBE BEAB    7CC1 F4D6    7CC5 F4DB 
7CC7 F4D7    7CC8 F4DA    7CCA BAFD    7CCC F4D8    7CCD F4D9 

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Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2007
Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set - Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map