Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 3.05

Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map

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Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB      Uni. GB   

8859 D1C3    8861 BAE2    8862 E1E9    8863 D2C2    8864 F1C2 
8865 B2B9    8868 B1ED    8869 F1C3    886B C9C0    886C B3C4 
886E D9F2    8870 CBA5 ˥   8872 F1C4    8877 D6D4    887D F1C5 
887E F4C0    887F F1C6    8881 D4AC Ԭ   8882 F1C7    8884 B0C0 
8885 F4C1    8888 F4C2    888B B4FC    888D C5DB    8892 CCBB ̻
8896 D0E4    889C CDE0    88A2 F1C8    88A4 D9F3    88AB B1BB 
88AD CFAE Ϯ   88B1 B8A4    88B7 F1CA    88BC F1CB    88C1 B2C3 
88C2 C1D1    88C5 D7B0 װ   88C6 F1C9    88C9 F1CC    88CE F1CE 
88D2 D9F6    88D4 D2E1    88D5 D4A3 ԣ   88D8 F4C3    88D9 C8B9 ȹ
88DF F4C4    88E2 F1CD    88E3 F1CF    88E4 BFE3    88E5 F1D0 
88E8 F1D4    88F0 F1D6    88F1 F1D1    88F3 C9D1    88F4 C5E1 
88F8 C2E3    88F9 B9FC    88FC F1D3    88FE F1D5    8902 B9D3 
890A F1DB    8910 BAD6    8912 B0FD    8913 F1D9    8919 F1D8 
891A F1D2    891B F1DA    8921 F1D7    8925 C8EC    892A CDCA 
892B F1DD    8930 E5BD    8934 F1DC    8936 F1DE    8941 F1DF 
8944 CFE5    895E F4C5    895F BDF3    8966 F1E0    897B F1E1 
897F CEF7    8981 D2AA Ҫ   8983 F1FB    8986 B8B2    89C1 BCFB 
89C2 B9DB    89C4 B9E6    89C5 C3D9    89C6 CAD3    89C7 EAE8 
89C8 C0C0    89C9 BEF5    89CA EAE9    89CB EAEA    89CC EAEB 
89CE EAEC    89CF EAED    89D0 EAEE    89D1 EAEF    89D2 BDC7 
89D6 F5FB    89DA F5FD    89DC F5FE    89DE F5FC    89E3 BDE2 
89E5 F6A1    89E6 B4A5    89EB F6A2    89EF F6A3    89F3 ECB2 
8A00 D1D4    8A07 D9EA    8A3E F6A4    8A48 EEBA    8A79 D5B2 ղ
8A89 D3FE    8A8A CCDC    8A93 CAC4    8B07 E5C0    8B26 F6A5 
8B66 BEAF    8B6C C6A9 Ʃ   8BA0 DAA5 ڥ   8BA1 BCC6    8BA2 B6A9 
8BA3 B8BC    8BA4 C8CF    8BA5 BCA5    8BA6 DAA6 ڦ   8BA7 DAA7 ڧ
8BA8 CCD6    8BA9 C8C3    8BAA DAA8 ڨ   8BAB C6FD    8BAD D1B5 ѵ
8BAE D2E9    8BAF D1B6 Ѷ   8BB0 BCC7    8BB2 BDB2    8BB3 BBE4 
8BB4 DAA9 ک   8BB5 DAAA ڪ   8BB6 D1C8    8BB7 DAAB ګ   8BB8 D0ED 
8BB9 B6EF    8BBA C2DB    8BBC CBCF    8BBD B7ED    8BBE C9E8 
8BBF B7C3    8BC0 BEF7    8BC1 D6A4 ֤   8BC2 DAAC ڬ   8BC3 DAAD ڭ
8BC4 C6C0    8BC5 D7E7    8BC6 CAB6 ʶ   8BC8 D5A9 թ   8BC9 CBDF 
8BCA D5EF    8BCB DAAE ڮ   8BCC D6DF    8BCD B4CA    8BCE DAB0 ڰ
8BCF DAAF گ   8BD1 D2EB    8BD2 DAB1 ڱ   8BD3 DAB2 ڲ   8BD4 DAB3 ڳ
8BD5 CAD4    8BD6 DAB4 ڴ   8BD7 CAAB ʫ   8BD8 DAB5 ڵ   8BD9 DAB6 ڶ
8BDA B3CF    8BDB D6EF    8BDC DAB7 ڷ   8BDD BBB0    8BDE B5AE 
8BDF DAB8 ڸ   8BE0 DAB9 ڹ   8BE1 B9EE    8BE2 D1AF ѯ   8BE3 D2E8 
8BE4 DABA ں   8BE5 B8C3    8BE6 CFEA    8BE7 B2EF    8BE8 DABB ڻ
8BEF CEF3    8BF0 DABE ھ   8BF1 D3D5    8BF2 BBE5    8BF3 DABF ڿ
8BF4 CBB5 ˵   8BF5 CBD0    8BF6 DAC0    8BF7 C7EB    8BF8 D6EE 
8BF9 DAC1    8BFA C5B5 ŵ   8BFB B6C1    8BFC DAC2    8BFD B7CC 
8BFE BFCE    8BFF DAC3    8C00 DAC4    8C01 CBAD ˭   8C02 DAC5 
8C03 B5F7    8C04 DAC6    8C05 C1C2    8C06 D7BB ׻   8C07 DAC7 
8C08 CCB8 ̸   8C0A D2EA    8C0B C4B1 ı   8C0C DAC8    8C0D B5FD 
8C0E BBD1    8C0F DAC9    8C10 D0B3 г   8C11 DACA    8C12 DACB 
8C13 CEBD ν   8C14 DACC    8C15 DACD    8C16 DACE    8C17 B2F7 
8C18 DAD1    8C19 DACF    8C1A D1E8    8C1B DAD0    8C1C C3D5 
8C1D DAD2    8C1F DAD3    8C20 DAD4    8C21 DAD5    8C22 D0BB л
8C23 D2A5 ҥ   8C24 B0F9    8C25 DAD6    8C26 C7AB ǫ   8C27 DAD7 

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Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2007
Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set - Unicode to GB2312 Conversion Map