What Is FTP

This section provides a quick introduction of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files between remotely connected computers.

What Is FTP? - FTP is a network protocol that allows files to be transferred between remote computers of different operating systems reliably and efficiently. The first version of FTP was created by Abhay Bhushan in 1971 as a RFC (Request For Comments) document: RFC 114 - A File Transfer Protocol.

In RFC 114, several request transactions are defined: Identify, Retrieve, Store, Append, Delete, Rename, Addname, Deletename, Lookup, Open, Close, and Execute.

The first major revision of FTP was presented in RFC 354 in 1972 by Abhay Bhushan. This established 4 objectives of FTP:

Early versions of FTP are based on the NCP (Network Control Protocol) communication protocol.

The first version of FTP based on the modern TCP/IP communication protocol was presented in RFC 765 by Jon Postel in 1980.

The last major revision of FTP was presented in RFC 959 by Jon Postel and Joyce Reynolds in 1985.

The picture below shows the top part of RFC 114 - A File Transfer Protocol:

RFC 114 - A File Transfer Protocol by Abhay Bhushan
RFC 114 - A File Transfer Protocol by Abhay Bhushan

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What Is FTP

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