Bash Command Line Examples

This section provides some Bash shell command line examples with explanations.

Below are some Bash shell command line examples with explanations:

      Displays the values of all variables, global and local

      Displays the values of all environment (global) variables.

echo $-
      Tests of shell mode. The shell is interactive, if it contains
      an 'i' in the value.

alias ..='cd ..; pwd'
      Sets an alias command of ".." to change current directory to
      the parent directory.

      Sets the prompt to be the dollar sign $

      Sets the current working directory to a local variable D.

export D
      Exports the local variable D to be a global variable, so that
      any sub shells can use it.

echo $D
      Displays the values of variable D.

cat > myself
(Type in some words about yourself)
      Creates a file and lets you to enter text from the keyboard.

cat myself
      Displays the contents of "myself" on the screen.

sleep 200
      "Ctrl-C" cancels the execution of the sleep command.

sleep 200
      "Ctrl-Z" stops the execution of the sleep command and pushes
      it to background.

sleep 200 &
      Runs the sleep command in the background.

      Lists all background jobs.

      Lists all previously executed command lines

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