"android create project" Command Options

This section describes 'android create project' command options that you need to use to specify Java class package name, starting activity class name, project folder and Android platform target.

In previous tutorials, we have been following these steps to create some simple Android applications and test them on the emulator:

Now let's take closer look at some of these steps starting with the "android create project" command.

Here is the command I used to create my first Android application HelloAndroid:

C:\>cd \herong
C:\herong>\local\android-sdk-windows\tools\android create project \
   --package com.herongyang --activity HelloAndroid --target 2 \
   --path .\HelloAndroid

4 options are used in this command to help defining my application project:

You can try to create another application project with the short option names:

C:\herong>\local\android-sdk-windows\tools\android create project \
   -k com.test -a AndroidTest -t 2 -p .\AndroidTest

Created project directory: C:\herong\AndroidTest
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\src\com\test
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\src\com\test\AndroidText.java
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\bin
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\libs
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\values
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\values\strings.xml
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\layout
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\layout\main.xml
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\drawable-hdpi
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\drawable-mdpi
Created directory C:\herong\AndroidTest\res\drawable-ldpi
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\AndroidManifest.xml
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\build.xml
Added file C:\herong\AndroidTest\proguard-project.txt

You can delete the project folder C:\herong\AndroidTest and try it again with different option values.

In the next tutorial, we will review files and folders created by the "android create project" command.

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