Variables Used in Book Source Files

This section describes variables used in book source files.

Variable Definitions and Replacements

Variables are special logics used by hyPub to assign text values in place and apply them in other places in the book source file.

There are 3 categories of variables used in hyPub:

Defining Variables

In book source files, variables are defined using the following syntax:

<p class="variable" id="variableName">variableValue</p>

where "variableName" is the name of the variable, and "variableValue" is the value of the variable.

Do not use underscore characters "_" in variable names.

A variable definition must be done in a single text line. Currently, hyPub is not smart enough to parse multiple lines for variable definitions.

Recursive definitions of variables are not allowed.

The scope of a variable is limited to the container where it is defined.

If the same variable name is defined multiple times in the same container, the last definition wins.

Applying Variables

In book source files, variables can be applied (evaluated to their values) anywhere in the book source file using the following syntax:


where "variableName" is the name of the variable.

When an undefined variable is used in the book source file, hyPub will not give you compilation errors. It will simply ignore it.

When a variable is defined multiple nested levels, the definition of inner level wins.

hyPub Built-in Variables

Currently, hyPub supports 4 built-in variables:

Required Variables

Currently, hyPub requires the following variables:

Optional Variables

hyPub allows you to define your own variables in book source file, and apply them any where you want. For example, you may define some variables listed below:

<p class="variable" id="pi">3.141592653589793</p>
<p class="variable" id="myDomain"></p>

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