Installing "Analog" - Web Log File Analysis Tool

This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install 'Analog' for Web server log file analysis.

The Web server is doing a great job to record every HTTP request in the log file. You can open it in text editor and look at it. But Web server could receive hundreds or thousands of requests a day. The log file will have thousands of records. You definitely need a tool to analyze it and generate some statistics reports.

One of the most popular Web log file tool is called "analog". Here is its home page: Here is how I downloaded and installed "analog" on my Windows system.

1. Go to http://www.analog.cs/ and download The file size is about 1717 KB.

2. Unzip to c:\local\analog.

3. Test it in a command window:

>cd c:\local\analog
analog: analog version 6.0/Win32
analog: Warning E: Redirecting future diagnostic messages to error...
  (For help on all errors and warnings, see docs/errors.html)

4. Open c:\local\analog\report.html with Web browser. You should see a nice statistics report generated from a sample log file:

Web Server Statistics for [my organisation]
Program started at Sun-dd-Mmm-yyyy 14:17. 
Analysed requests from Fri-31-Dec-1999 10:11 to Tue-04-Jan-2000 ...

General Summary

Great, "analog" installed correctly.

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