GC Log Message Format for Serial Collector

This section provides explanations on GC log messages generated from the Serial Collector.

The first step to help us understand how Serial Collector works is to understand the GC log messages generated from the Serial Collector.

Let's capture some GC log messages with my sample program, GarbageCollection.java:

herong> java -XX:+UseSerialGC -Xlog:gc,gc+heap=info GarbageCollection

[0.019s][info][gc] Using Serial

Okay. We got our first GC log message at 0.019 seconds after the application have started. It confirms that the JVM is using the Serial GC.

Continue with additional output in the console:

1   127729664   107555136   20174528
2   127729664   105882632   21847032
14   127729664   92701256   35028408
[0.906s][info][gc,heap] GC(0) DefNew: 34207K->4288K(38720K)
[0.906s][info][gc,heap] GC(0) Tenured: 0K->13758K(86016K)
[0.906s][info][gc     ] GC(0) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
   33M->17M(121M) 28.706ms
15   127729664   108238488   19491176

Here are log messages of the first Young (Minor) GC at 0.102 seconds. Here is my understanding of those 3 messages:

Based those messages, we can calculate the following:

Objects removed from Young generation: 34207K - 4288K = 29919K.
Live objects moved to Tenured generation: 13758K - 0K = 13758K.
Dead objects (garbage) destroyed: 29919K - 13758K = 16161K.

Continue again with additional output in the console:

46   127729664   74069456   53660208
[0.591s][info][gc,heap] GC(1) DefNew: 38643K->4287K(38720K)
[0.591s][info][gc,heap] GC(1) Tenured: 13758K->44242K(86016K)
[0.591s][info][gc     ] GC(1) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
   51M->47M(121M) 24.964ms
47   127729664   77015592   50714072
78   127729664   42775624   84954040
[0.617s][info][gc,heap] GC(2) DefNew: 38719K->4287K(38720K)
[0.617s][info][gc,heap] GC(2) Tenured: 44242K->73192K(86016K)
[0.617s][info][gc     ] GC(2) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
   81M->75M(121M) 16.611ms
79   127729664   47170696   80558968

Two more Young (Minor) GC occurred. Let's continue again.

109   127729664   13511344   114218320
[0.653s][info][gc     ] GC(4) Pause Full (Allocation Failure)
   104M->35M(138M) 17.526ms
[0.655s][info][gc,heap] GC(3) DefNew: 38669K->0K(38784K)
[0.655s][info][gc,heap] GC(3) Tenured: 73192K->36569K(86016K)
[0.655s][info][gc     ] GC(3) Pause Young (Allocation Failure)
   109M->35M(121M) 37.570ms
110   127795200   89572168   38223032

Here are log messages of the first Full (Major) GC at 0.653 seconds. Here is my understanding of those 4 messages:

See next tutorial for more example of Serial Young GC and Full GC messages.

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