DriverManager - Connection URL

This section provides information about connection URL used by DriverManager to create a database connection.

As we learned earlier, the traditional way to create a connection object is to use the DriverManager class with a connection URL in the following format:


<subprotocol> in the URL is used to identify the JDBC driver class which will create a connection object based on information provided in <subname>. For example, "odbc" in the connection URL "jdbc:odbc:HY_FLAT" identifies the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver. "sqlserver" in "jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1269" identifies the Microsoft JDBC Driver.

<subname> in the URL is used to provide additional information to help the JDBC driver to identify the database server. If the database server is on remote host on the Internet, <subname> should have the following format:


For example, "HY_FLAT" in the connection URL "jdbc:odbc:HY_FLAT" provides the data source name to help JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver to create a connection object. "//localhost:1269" in "jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1269" provides the host name and the port number to help Microsoft JDBC Driver to create a connection object.

The DriverManager class offers 3 methods for you to create a connection object using the specified connection URL:

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(String url);

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(String url,
  Properties info)

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(String url,
  String user, String password)

Tutorials of using connection URLs are included in other chapters in this book.

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