-cp or -classpath Syntax on Different Systems

This section describes syntax differences of the -cp or -classpath option at the Java command line to specify JDBC implementation driver JAR files.

When you compile and run your Java programs that uses the JDBC API, you may need to specify a JDBC implementation driver JAR file with the -cp or -classpath option in the command line. The syntax of the -cp option is slightly on Linux/macOS systems than Windows systems.

1. -cp option on Windows systems uses ";" as the path delimiter and "\" as the directory delimiter:

Syntax: -cp path;dir\dir\file;dir\dir\name;...
Example: -cp .;\local\lib\jdbc_driver_x.jar;some\other.jar

2. -cp option on Linux and macOS systems uses ":" as the path delimiter and "/" as the directory delimiter:

Syntax: -cp path:dir/dir/file;dir/dir/name;...
Example: -cp .:/local/lib/jdbc_driver_x.jar:some/other.jar

3. -cp option on Windows systems can use disk driver letters in file path:

Syntax: -cp path:C:\dir\dir\file;D:dir\dir\name;...
Example: -cp .:C:\local\lib\jdbc_driver_x.jar:D:some\other.jar

4. -cp option on Linux and macOS systems can use the home directory shorthand symbol "~" on the first path only. If use "~" in the middle, it will not be replaced with the home directory.

Syntax: -cp ~/path:dir/dir/file;dir/dir/name;...
Example: -cp ~/mylib/jdbc_driver_x.jar:some/other.jar
Bad example: some/other.jar:~/mylib/jdbc_driver_x.jar

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