JDBC-ODBC - Looping through ResultSet

This section describes how to loop through a ResultSet object returned by the executeQuery() method.

Another test I did on SQL Server with JDBC-ODBC Bridge was to loop through a ResultSet object returned from a query statement. Each ResultSet object has an internal pointer to indicate the current row from which get*() methods can retrieve column values. The next() method on the ResultSet object can be used to move the internal pointer one row to another in the result set.

The tutorial Java program below shows you how to loop through the ResultSet to list customer names in Customer table:

/* OdbcSqlServerLoopResultSet.java
 * Copyright (c) HerongYang.com. All Rights Reserved.
import java.sql.*;
public class OdbcSqlServerLoopResultSet {
  public static void main(String [] args) {
    Connection con = null;
    try {
      con = DriverManager.getConnection(

// Looping through each row
      Statement sta = con.createStatement();
      ResultSet res = sta.executeQuery(
        "SELECT TOP 10 * FROM SalesLT.Customer");
      while (res.next()) {
        String firstName = res.getString("FirstName");
        String lastName = res.getString("LastName");
        System.out.println("   "+firstName+" "+lastName);

    } catch (Exception e) {
      System.err.println("Exception: "+e.getMessage());

Here is the output of the program:

   Orlando Gee
   Keith Harris
   Donna Carreras
   Janet Gates
   Lucy Harrington
   Rosmarie Carroll
   Dominic Gash
   Kathleen Garza
   Katherine Harding
   Johnny Caprio

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