JDBC-ODBC - Creating DSN

This section describes how to create a DSN quick to test JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

The quickest way to test JDBC-ODBC Bridge is to create a DSN (Data Source Name) for a flat file, then use this DSN in the JDBC connection URL. Here is how I created a DSN to represent flat text files:

1. Run Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).

2. Click the "User DSN" tab. Then click the Add button.

3. From the ODBC driver list, select Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt, *.csv), ACEODBC.DLL or ODBCJT32.DLL, and click the Finish button.

4. Now fill in the DSN setup information as below:

Name: HY_DSN
Description: DSN for a flat file
Use Current Directory: checked

5. Click OK. My DSN "HY_DSN" is ready now.

Notice that I did not specify any specific file for the DSN.

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