JDBC-ODBC - Creating a MS Access Database File

This section describes how to create a MS Access database file to be used for ODBC MS Access driver testing.

In order to test how to work with MS Access databases through JDBC-ODBC Bridge, I did the following to create a MS Access database file named as HY_Access.mdb:

1. Run MS Access, select the "Blank Access database" option.

2. Select "Tables" in the Objects list, then double-click on "Create table in Design view".

3. Define the following columns:

ID           AutoNumber
FirstName    Text
LastName     Text
Point        Number
BirthDate    Date/Time

Save the table definition with file name like: HY_User.

4. Save the database to file, \local\HY_Access.mdb.

Now my MS Access database file, HY_Access.mdb, with a single table, HY_User, is ready.

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