Archived: Installing Microsoft JDBC Driver 1.0

This section describes how to download and install Microsoft JDBC Driver 1.0 for SQL Server 2005.

If you want to access SQL Server database from Java applications, you need to install a JDBC driver that supports SQL Server. There are many software vendors offer such JDBC drivers.

Microsoft offers a free driver, JDBC Driver 1.0, which is JDBC 3.0 compliant. JDBC Driver 1.0 is a Type 4 JDBC driver using native-protocols.

The tutorial below shows you how to download and install the JDBC Driver 1.0 from Microsoft.

1. Go to Microsoft JDBC page at

2. Click the Download button. The license terms page shows up.

3. Click the link "I Accept and I want to download the Microsoft Windows version" near the end of the page. The download window shows up.

4. Save the downloaded file, sqljdbc_1.0.809.102_enu.exe, to C:\temp directory.

5. Double click on sqljdbc_1.0.809.102_enu.exe. It will be unzipped to a local directory called: "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver". The JDBC driver .jar file, sqljdbc.jar, is located under the "sqljdbc_1.0\enu" subdirectory.

6. Copy sqljdbc.jar to C:\local\lib\sqljdbc.jar. You are ready to use JDBC Driver 1.0 now.

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