H Language Handwritten Notes

This section shows some handwritten notes on H language.

The idea of proposing a new programming langauges started earlier in 2017, when I was looking at the Ruby language. But I did not start to write any notes until I was taking a flight in Europe on Sep 30, 2017.

I wrote some notes on inner side of the barf bag from the seat pocket as shown below:

H Language Handwritten Notes
H Language Handwritten Notes

Table of Contents

 About This Book

Introduction of H Language

 What Is H (Hybrid) Language

 H Language License: Open Source and Free

 Help Needed to Design H Language

H Language Handwritten Notes


 Data Types




 "boolean" Data Type

 "integer" Data Type

 "string" Data Type

 "real" Data Type

 "array" Data Type

 Source Code Packages

 Classes and Objects

 Object Oriented Programming

 Inheritance - Object Attachments

 Encapsulation - Private Members


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