Download and Install tinyec

This section describes how to install tinyec, which can be done by running the 'pip install tinyec' command.

Installing tinyec is easy. All you need to do is to run this command:

C:\herong> pip install tinyec
Collecting tinyec
Installing collected packages: tinyec
  Running install for tinyec ... done
Successfully installed tinyec-0.3.1

Let's verify the installation with the following Python script:

C:\herong> python

>>> import as ec
>>> import tinyec.registry as reg
>>> c = reg.get_curve("secp192r1")
>>> print(c)
"secp192r1" => y^2 = x^3 
   + 6277101735386680763835789423207666416083908700390324961276x 
   + 2455155546008943817740293915197451784769108058161191238065 
   (mod 6277101735386680763835789423207666416083908700390324961279)

>>> s = c.field
>>> print(s)
Subgroup => generator 
   order: 6277101735386680763835789423176059013767194773182842284081, 
   cofactor: 1 on Field => 
   prime 6277101735386680763835789423207666416083908700390324961279

Ok. tinyec is installed correctly. It supports the named curve of "secp192r1" with a single predefined subgroup.

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