Downloading and Installing Visual C# 2010 Express

This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express edition on Windows systems.

1. Go to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express download page and click the "Visual C# 2010 Express" link.

2. Select "English" language. The browser will start to download the Visual C# 2010 Express setup program, vcs_web.exe, which is about 3,176 KB in size. Save it to the \temp folder.

3. Double click \temp\vcs_web.exe. Visual "C# 2010 Express Setup" window shows up as shown below:
Visual C# 2010 Setup

4. Click "Next" and follow instructions provided by the setup program to download and install the Visual C# 2010 Express program and related components, which is about 142 MB in size. You need to keep your Internet connection up for a few minutes to let the installation complete.

5. Restart your computer, when the setup program asks you.

You are ready to user Visual C# 2010 Express now!

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Visual C# 2010 Express Edition

Downloading and Installing Visual C# 2010 Express

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