Arithmetic Operations - Example

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use arithmetic operations: Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.

Now let's practice what we have learned so far with a simple program to simulate the cash register in a grocery store:

// Cashier.cs
// Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.

class Cashier {
   public static void Main() {
      long qty_milk, qty_bread, qty_coke;
      double price_milk, price_bread, price_coke;
      double total;

      qty_milk = 2;
      qty_bread = 1;
      qty_coke = 6;
      price_milk = 1.99;
      price_bread = 1.49;
      price_coke = 0.99;

      total = qty_milk * price_milk;
      total = total + qty_bread * price_bread;
      total = total + qty_coke * price_coke;

      System.Console.WriteLine(" ");
         "Product     Price  Quantity  Sub-total");
         "Mike 2% 2L   {0}         {1}       {2}",
         price_milk, qty_milk, qty_milk*price_milk);
         "Bread 1lb    {0}         {1}       {2}",
         price_bread, qty_bread, qty_bread*price_bread);
         "Coke 2L      {0}         {1}       {2}",
         price_coke, qty_coke, qty_coke*price_coke);
      System.Console.WriteLine(" ");
         "Total:                           {0}",

Output of the program will be:


Product     Price  Quantity  Sub-total
Mike 2% 2L   1.99         2       3.98
Bread 1lb    1.49         1       1.49
Coke 2L      0.99         6       5.94

Total:                           11.41

Notice that how the space characters are used in the WriteLine method call to line the columns in the output.

Exercise: Modify the Cashier class to add tax into the calculation, assuming the tax rate is 5%. Tax must be applied on the total price. The tax amount must be printed out on a separate line.

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