XML-to-JSON Conversion Tool at onlinexmltools.com

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use an online XML-to-JSON conversion tool at onlinexmltools.com. The output JSON document is good, only if input XML document contains well structured data.

With the XML-to-JSON conversion sample provided in the previous tutorial, let's try an online conversion tool and see how it converts the sample XML document.

1. Go to "xml to json converter" Website at https://onlinexmltools.com/convert-xml-to-json.

2. Copy and paste our XML document sample, xml.html, to the "xml" area on the left.

<body bgcolor="#dddddd">
<h4>My XML Web Page</h4>
<p>A simple text paragraph.</p>
<p>A complex paragraph with <em>highlight text</em>, <br/>line breaks,
  <font color="#ff0000" size="+1">font changes</font>, etc.

3. Review the converted JSON document in the "json" area on the right:

  "body": {
    "h4": "My XML Web Page",
    "p": [
      "A simple text paragraph.",
        "em": "highlight text",
        "br": "",
        "font": {
          "_color": "#ff0000",
          "_size": "+1",
          "__text": "font changes"
        "__text": "A complex paragraph with \n, \nline breaks,\n  \n, etc."
    "_bgcolor": "#dddddd"

As you can see, this conversion tool uses some different conversion rules:

Obviously, this conversion tool does not preserve the structure of the sample XML document, which contains complex XML elements with multiple child text segments like HTML documents. You can not find any way to convert the JSON document generated above back to the original XML document.

However, if an XML document, products.xml, contains only structured data shown below, the output is pretty good.

Input XML: products.xml 
   <name>pen blue</name>
   <name>pen red</name>
   <name>paper, letter</name>
    <name>colored pencils</name>
    <name>document holder</name>

Output JSON: products-online.json
  "available": {
    "product": [
        "name": "pen blue",
        "count": "22"
        "name": "pen red",
        "count": "17"
        "name": "paper, letter",
        "count": "50"
  "queued": {
    "queue_delayed": {
      "product": {
        "name": "colored pencils",
        "count": "10"
    "queue_active": {
      "product": [
          "name": "stapler",
          "count": "15"
          "name": "document holder",
          "count": "5"

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