atom-xsltransform Package for Atom

This section describes atom-xsltransform package in Atom that allows you to transform XML Documents using XSL Stylesheets. But it requires an extra Java library with net.sf.saxon.Transform class.

What Is atom-xsltransform Package for Atom? atom-xsltransform package is an add-on tool for Atom that allows you to transform XML Documents using XSL Stylesheets. By default, it uses JavaScript native XSLTProcessor to perform the transformation. But you set it to use your own XSLT command line tool to the job.

Note that Atom is no longer supported by GitHub in 2022. You need to go to the archive site at to download and install Atom and its plugin packages manually. The automated installation process described below is not supported any more.

Here is what I did to install XML Tools package on my Atom editor.

1. Open a Web browser and to go to XML Tools for Atom Website at

2. Click "Install" link on the left. And allow your browser to run Atom. The installation screen shows up in Atom.

3. Click "Install" button. atom-xsltransform package is installed automatically.

4. Open XML document, dictionary.xml, in Atom.

5. Click "Packages > Command Palette > atom-xsltransform:transform-xml" menu. The XSLT transformation box shows up.

6. Enter the XSLT template file, dictionary.xsl. The output of the transformation should show up. But I got an error message:

Error: Could not find or load main class net.sf.saxon.Transform
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.sf.saxon.Transform

Looks like the JavaScript native XSLTProcessor used by atom-xsltransform package requires an extra Java library which I don't have it on my macOS computer. Too bad.

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