"service" - Service Definition Element

This section describes 'service', a definition element that defines a service as one or multiple ports. A port defines a binding to a communication address.

"service" is a top level element of a WSDL 1.1 document. "service" is used to define a service with one or multiple ports with "port" sub elements. A port is defined with a given binding and a communication address with a WSDL extension. The syntax of "service" looks like this:

  <wsdl:service name="nmtoken1">
    <wsdl:port name="nmtoken2" binding="qname">
      ... extensibility elements from WSDL 1.1 extension ...

Notes on the "service" element:

Here is an example of "service" element:

  <wsdl:service name="helloService">
    <wsdl:port name="helloPort" binding="hy:helloBinding">

In this example,

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