Invoking WSDL Services with Zeep Library

This section provides a tutorial example on how to create a Zeep client object with a WSDL URL, access a given service, and invoke a given operation.

How to Invoke WSDL Service with Zeep Library? There are 4 main steps to invoke a WSDL service and call its operation:

1. Create a zeep.client.Client object with the URL of a given WSDL document:

from zeep import Client
wsdl = ""
client = Client(wsdl)

2. Create a zeep.proxy.ServiceProxy object by calling the client.bind(service, port) method with a given combination of service name and port name:

service = client.bind('helloService', 'helloPort')

3. Create a zeep.proxy.OperationProxy object by accessing the service[operation] list member with a given operation name:

operation = service['Hello']

4. Invoke the operation(arguments) with required arguments:

result = operation("Hello from client.")

Here is Python script example that performs these steps with a given WSDL 1.1 document:

#- Copyright (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved.
from zeep import Client
wsdl = ""

client = Client(wsdl)

service = client.bind('helloService', 'helloPort')

operation = service['Hello']

result = operation("Hello from client.")

Run the test script:

herong$ python3

<class 'zeep.client.Client'>
<class 'zeep.proxy.ServiceProxy'>
<class 'zeep.proxy.OperationProxy'>

      Hello from server -

The test worked well. I got the result returned from the WSDL service provider.

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