Encoding-Convertor.php - Encoding Conversion Test

This section provides a tutorial example to restore corrupted Chinese text with different suggested solutions.

When are you trying to recover corrupted Chinese text, you may want to convert the hex string of an input to a given encoding.

Here is a PHP script I wrote to do this:

#- Encoding-Convertor.php
#- Copyright (c) 2005 HerongYang.com. All Rights Reserved.

  $input = "E9B8A1";
  $encodeIn = "UTF-8";
  $encodeOut = "UTF-8";
  if (isset($argv[1])) $input = $argv[1];
  if (isset($argv[2])) $encodeIn = $argv[2];
  if (isset($argv[3])) $encodeOut = $argv[3];

  $output = iconv($encodeIn, $encodeOut, hex2bin($input));

  print("input = ($input)\n");
  print("hex2bin(input) = (".strtoupper(hex2bin($input)).")\n");
  print("output = ($output)\n");
  print("bin2hex(output) = (".bin2hex($output).")\n");

Let's try an example:

herong$ php Encoding-Convertor.php E9BCAC latin1 utf8 

input = (E9BCAC)
hex2bin(input) = ()
output = (鼬)
bin2hex(output) = (C3A9C2BCC2AC)

The output tells me the following:

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Encoding-Convertor.php - Encoding Conversion Test

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