Adding and Deleting Object Own Methods

This section provides a quick description of object's own methods. A tutorial example is provided on how to add, call, and delete object's own methods.

When you create a new object from the "Object" constructor, you will get an object with only some default methods:

But you can add more methods to one object at any time using an assignment operation like this:

object_name.method_name = function_name;

The added method is for this one object only. Other objects will not have this method.

Calling a method on an object is the same as calling the assigned function as shown below:

object_name.method_name(param1, param2, ...);

You can also delete methods from one object at any time using a delete operation like this:

delete object_name.method_name;

Here is a tutorial example that shows you how to add a new method, call a method, and delete a method.

<!-- Object_Method.html
   Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.
<title>Object Methods of "Object"</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
// My function to say hello
function sayHello(name) {
   window.alert("Hello "+name);

   // Preparing two objects of "Object" type
   var mySite = new Object();
   var myBook = new Object();
   mySite.url = ""; = "Herong Yang";

   // Adding a method to one object only
   myBook.greet = sayHello;

   // Calling the method on "myBook"

   // Calling the method on "mySite" - will not work
//   mySite.greet(;

   // Deleting the method on "myBook"
   delete myBook.greet;
   // Calling the method on the object - will not work
//   myBook.greet(;

If you run this JavaScript page, you will get alert box on the screen saying: "Hello Herong Yang".

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