Derby (Java DB) Driver Features

This section describes Apache's Derby JDBC driver and its features.

Derby JDBC driver is the JDBC driver for Java DB (Derby) produced by Apache. It is included in the Java DB (Derby) distribution package.

Main features Derby 10.15 JDBC driver:

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 JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) Introduction

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 Installing and Running Java DB - Derby

Derby (Java DB) JDBC Driver

Derby (Java DB) Driver Features

 Loading Derby JDBC Driver Classes

 Creating Connections to Java DB (Derby) Network Server

 Java DB (Derby) Network Server and JDBC Driver Info

 Java DB (Derby) - Creating New Tables

 Java DB (Derby) - Inserting Data Rows to Existing Tables

 Java DB (Derby) - Running SELECT Queries

 Derby (Java DB) JDBC DataSource Objects

 Java DB (Derby) - DML Statements

 Java DB (Derby) - ResultSet Objects of Queries

 Java DB (Derby) - PreparedStatement

 Summary of JDBC Drivers and Database Servers

 Using Connection Pool with JDBC

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