Responsive Design of Web Pages

This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on Responsive Design for Web Pages. Topics include introduction of responsive design; logical resolution vs. physical resolution; HTML 'viewport' meta tag; responsive design on text paragraphs, images, tables, 'div' blocks, flexible box (flexbox) layouts and background images.

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What Is Responsive Design

Logical Resolution vs. Physical Resolution

HTML "viewport" Meta Tag

Responsive Paragraphs with 'width: 1.1em !important;'

Responsive Images with 'width: auto !important;'

Responsive Tables with Relative Width

Responsive Block with Fixed Aspect Ratio

Responsive Block with Flexible Box Layout

Responsive Background Images


Table of Contents

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 HTML Document Structure and Content

 HTML Document and Elements Syntax

 Displayed and Printed HTML Documents

Responsive Design of Web Pages

 MathML Integration in HTML Documents


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