GB2312 vs. Unicode

GB2312 Character Set is a sub set Unicode Character Set. However the GB2312 code is mathematically unrelated to the Unicode code for the same Chinese character.

GB2312 character set is sub set of Unicode character set. This means that every character defined in GB2312 is also defined in Unicode.

However, GB2312 codes and Unicode codes are totally un-related. For example, GB2312 character with code value of 0xB0A1 has a Unicode code value of 0x554A. There is no mathematical formula to convert a GB2312 code to a Unicode code of the same character.

To help you to convert GB2312 codes to Unicode codes, a complete map of all GB2312 codes and their corresponding Unicode codes is provided later in the book. The corresponding UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format - 8-bit) are also listed in the map.

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