SWFCombine - SWF File Merging Tool

This section describes the SWFCombine tool, which can be to merge a slave SWF file into a master SWF file. SWFCombine can also be used to stack or concatenate SWF files together.

As you see from the previous section, SWFCombine from SWFTools is an impotent tool to merge a slave SWF file into a master SWF file.

Here is the manual page of SWFCombine 0.9.1:

   swfcombine - a tool for combining swf (flash) files


   swfcombine [-rXYomlcv] [-f] masterfile [-xysf] 
      [(name1|#id1)=]slavefile1 .. [-xysf] [(nameN|#idN)=]slavefileN

   swfcombine [-rXYomv] --stack[1] [-xysf] [(name1|#id1)=]slavefile1 
      .. [-xysf] [(nameN|#idN)=]slavefileN

   swfcombine [-rXYov] --cat [-xysf] [(name1|#id1)=]slavefile1 
      .. [-xysf] [(nameN|#idN)=]slavefileN

   swfcombine [-rXYomlcv] --dummy [-xys] [file]


   Take two or more SWF files, and combine them into a new SWF. SWFs 
   can either be stacked (no masterfile is present) or inserted 
   (into the masterfile).

   SWF files are animation files which can be displayed in Web 
   Browsers using the Flash Plugin.

   For template mechanisms, it's often convenient to separate the 
   processes of generating small animation fragments and merging them
   into a big movie. swfcombine can be used to perform the latter.

   -t, --stack
      Don't assume the first file is a master file. Instead, store 
      each file in a separate frame.
   -T, --stack1
      place each slave in the first frame (no master movie)
   -m, --merge
      Do not store the slave files in a sprite/MovieClip. Instead, 
      merge the files frame by frame.
   -a, --cat
      Concatenate all slave files (no master movie)
   -l, --overlay
      Don't remove any master objects, only overlay new objects
   -c, --clip
      Clip the slave objects by the corresponding master objects
   -d, --dummy
      Don't require the presence of slave objects. Usually used 
      together with -X, -Y or -r.
   -f, --frame
      The next slave replaces a frame, not an object. Therefore the 
      slave identifier is a frame number (#frame=) or frame label 
   -x, --movex xpos
      x Adjust position of slave by xpos pixels
   -y, --movey ypos
      y Adjust position of slave by ypos pixels
   -s, --scale scale
      Adjust size of slave by scale percent
   -r, --rate fps
      Force the output to have the framerate fps. (Otherwise, the 
      framerate of the master file will be used)
   -X, --width width
      Force movie bbox width to width (default: use master width 
      (not with -t))
   -Y, --height height
      Force movie bbox height to height (default: use master height 
      (not with -t))
   -N, --local-with-networking
      Make output file "local-with-networking"

   Matthias Kramm <kramm@quiss.org>

Note that the SWFCombine tool can also be used to stack or concatenate SWF files together.

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