RSA Keys Generated by

This section provides some RSA keys generated by my BigInteger implementation,, of RSA public key and private key generation algorithm.

Are you ready to see how my initial implementation of RSA public key and private key generation behaves? Here is the first test run using JDK 1.6:


C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 4
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: bitLength < 2
        at java.math.BigInteger.probablePrime(
        at RsaKeyGenerator.getCoprime(
        at RsaKeyGenerator.main(

Too bad. The program failed in the "getCoprime()" call to find a public key, "e". This is because the requested key size is too low, which does not give enough room to find a public key, "e".

Rerun the program with a higher key size. The problem should go away.

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 5
p: 3
q: 5
m: 8
Modulus: 15
Key size: 4
Public key: 5
Private key: 5

The program completed! But the result is not ideal. The private key is the same as the public key "5". This makes my private key not secure. The program could be enhanced to ensure the private key is different than the public key.

Rerun the program with a higher key size. Hope it will return a good pair of public key and private key.

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 7
p: 7
q: 11
m: 60
Modulus: 77
Key size: 7
Public key: 17
Private key: 53

Cool. The program generated a good pair of public key, {77,17} and {77,53}.

Rerun the program with different key sizes:

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 8
p: 11
q: 13
m: 120
Modulus: 143
Key size: 8
Public key: 53
Private key: 77

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 16
p: 151
q: 157
m: 23400
Modulus: 23707
Key size: 15
Public key: 10151
Private key: 4751

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 32
p: 34613
q: 34631
m: 1198613560
Modulus: 1198682803
Key size: 31
Public key: 756303523
Private key: 705860827

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 64
p: 2966449091
q: 2966449099
m: 8799820227293420820
Modulus: 8799820233226319009
Key size: 63
Public key: 3447872045926560979
Private key: 5997668047507921159

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 128
p: 17902136406704537069
q: 17902136406704537077
m: 320486487924256034368552058949822333168
Modulus: 320486487924256034404356331763231407313
Key size: 128
Public key: 138184930940463531660820083778072069237
Private key: 173448309040289888328993883042709949325

C:\herong>java RsaKeyGenerator 256
p: 248658744261550238073459677814507557459
q: 248658744261550238073459677814507557527
m: 618311710977310434529034534762836648859088873902738200302650613...
Modulus: 618311710977310434529034534762836648864062048787969205064...
Key size: 256
Public key: 394190853336940694532345943348534965939075733405768734...
Private key: 21429568381701961014089098585280129682302896350728470...

Output looks good. But we need test them with the encryption and decryption process.

Last update: 2013.

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