bitcoin-cli Network Commands

This section describes how to use 'bitcoin-cli getclock' command.

Once I have my Bitcoin Core Daemon running on the Bitcoin test network, the most important commands to learn are "bitcoin-cli" network commands which allows you see the Bitcoin network and control your connection to the network.

1. Run Bitcoin Core Daemon on the test network in a command window.

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoind -testnet

2. Run Bitcoin Core CLI in another command window and check the uptime:

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet uptime

3. Get the height of the blockchain maintained by the network.

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet getchaintips
  "height": 1029998,
  "hash": "00000000000121674d133d45b91941c6168b4c19d32f529432a4c184174d0b86",
  "branchlen": 1029998,
  "status": "headers-only"
  "height": 0,
  "hash": "000000000933ea01ad0ee984209779baaec3ced90fa3f408719526f8d77f4943",
  "branchlen": 0,
  "status": "active"

4. Get the number of blocks that have been synchronized on my local Bitcoin Core Daemon so far.

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet getblockcount

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet getblockcount

5. Get the number of peers that I am currently connected to:

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet getconnectioncount

6. Get connection details with my peers.

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet getpeerinfo
    "id": 15,
    "addr": "",
    "addrlocal": "yy.yy.yy.yy:59934",
    "addrbind": "zz.zz.zz.zz:59934",
    "services": "000000000000000d",
    "relaytxes": true,
    "lastsend": 1518359089,
    "lastrecv": 1518359090,
    "bytessent": 2351,
    "bytesrecv": 479395,
    "conntime": 1518359084,
    "id": 17,
    "addr": "nn.nn.nn.nn:18333",
    "addrlocal": "yy.yy.yy.yy:59936",
    "addrbind": "zz.zz.zz.zz:59936",
    "services": "000000000000000d",
    "relaytxes": true,
    "lastsend": 1518359088,
    "lastrecv": 1518359088,
    "bytessent": 2046,
    "bytesrecv": 1582,
    "conntime": 1518359086,

7. Stop connections to the network. I can resume it later with "setnetworkactive true".

C:\>\local\bitcoin-0.15.1\bin\bitcoin-cli -testnet setnetworkactive false

Last update: 2017.

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