Overview of RowSet Objects

This section provides overview information on RowSet interface and its implementations.

RowSet is a new concept introduced in the JDBC specification. A RowSet object is designed to represent a container of tabular data from any data source. A RowSet object may obtain data from a database server through a JDBC driver, it may also obtain data from a spreadsheet, a flat file, or an XML document.

A RowSet object extends the ResultSet interface, so that it has ResultSet methods to retrieve column values or update rows back to the data source.

A RowSet object is also a JavaBeans component. It is designed to combine functionalities of Connect, Statement and ResultSet objects into a single object.

There 5 standard implementations of RowSet interface:

Sun has developed reference implementations of all 5 types or RowSet objects. But they are not included in standard JDK packages. They are packaged under com.sun.rowset. You need to down them separately. See the next tutorial for details.

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Overview of RowSet Objects

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